2017 In-Season Velocity Improvement Program

For current Off-season VIP students, Don't lose what you have worked so hard in the off-season to gain. A noticeable loss in stamina, strength, velocity, .... will occur after a month or so if you don't continue some sort of arm program throughout your season. If you are new to the program, we will ease you into a stronger, more dynamic arm and increase velocity within a few weeks without putting undue stress on your active, in-season arm. 

Throwing mechanics are emphasized and taught throughout the program

February - October (meet 2+ days/week for 1 hr each for $60/month)

  • Sundays from 10-11 and Wednesdays OR Thursdays from 8-9. Choose Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your game schedule. OR, by appointment if above times don't work for your schedule
  • Includes hitting membership ($60/month on its own)
  • Call Greg to personalize and/or get more information (209) 482-5702

Jordan Kron delivers a pitch for NorCal. 7+ MPH gain in velocity from VIP helpedearn him a spot on team USA.

Methods of Achievement:

  • Each class is broken up into six parts (...and much more) meets 3 days/week.Dedicated & serious athletes only.
  • Class begins with dynamic warm-up and fitness testing
  • Dynamic and Intensive Tubing Exercises
  • Explosive Medicine Ball Throws and Movements
  • Overload/Underload Throwing Series
  • Back-shaping Drill Series
  • Athletic Throwing & Mechanics WorkCool Down

          The Stats

   Off-Season VIP

     CLASS OF 2016
Top Velocity: Cody Bolton 97mph
        Top Gain:  Zach White 13 mph
Average Gain: 6.5 mph 

      CLASS OF 2015

           Top Velocity: Robbie Rickman 93mph

           Top Gain: Cody Bolton 11mph

           Average Gain: 6.7 mph

     CLASS OF 2014

           Top Velocity: 93MPH Dakota Conners

           Top Gain: 8 MPH Braeden Okie

           Average Gain: 6.2 MPH increase 

     CLASS OF 2013

           Top Velocity: 95MPH Dakota Edwards

           Top Gain: 9 MPH - Ricky Staas

           Average Gain: 5.6 MPH increase 

     CLASS OF 2012

           Top Velocity: 99MPH-Jonah Wesely

           Top Gain: 11MPH Riley Okie

           Average Gain: 6.0 MPH increase 

     CLASS OF 2011

           Top Velocity: 97MPH-Jonah Wesely

           Top Gain: 10MPH-Rodrigo Contreras

           Average Gain: 5.8 MPH increase

     CLASS OF 2010

           Top Velocity: 96 MPH - Cole Wells

           Top Gain: 13 MPH - Logan Newcomb

           Average Gain: 5.7 MPH increase 

     CLASS OF 2009

           Top Velocity: 91 MPH - Andy Scott

           Top Gain: 10 MPH - Kyle Hassna

           Average Gain: 6.1 MPH increase

Velocity Improvement Program - Off Season

If you throw a baseball or softball and want a stronger, more dynamic and durable arm, then this program is for you. We ask that you dedicate your arm to us during the off-season. For best results, NO TRAVEL BALL during your off-season VIP. You will begin the High School (or youth) season with an edge in arm strength! See Off-Season statistics below. 

Velocity Improvement Program - In Season

The In-season class is designed to maintain your off-season gains. If you are new to VIP, you will still see gains in arm strength, endurance, velocity ... and more. The in-season program is designed to put less stress on your arm during workouts so that you can still perform for your team. 

Goals of the Class:

  • Proper Arm Action for Increased Velocity - throw harder
  • Proper Arm Action to Reduce Stress
  • Increased Throwing Stamina
  • Conditioned Arm and Body for Season Become more Explosive & Athletic from any position on the field.
  • Introduce and teach throwing mechanics of hard throwers.
  • Recruit Quick Twitch Muscle Fiber
  • Train Central nervous system to repeat hard throwing mechanics.And .....Increase Overall Velocity!

Class #2 met Sundays from 11:30 - 1pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 730-9pm for 3 months. Their average velocity gain was 6.2 mph. They put in the time and commitment to get better during their off-season. What did you do?

We are NOW accepting registration for our 9th year of
​OFF-Season Velocity Improvement Program -
see stats below

Please call Greg Wilson at (209) 482-5702 to register for 2016/2017 OFF-SEASON
3 classes only. Not everyone is admitted.​

        Class#1: Sundays 10 -11:30            Class#2: Sundays 11:30-1:00             Class#3: Sundays 1 - 2:30
​                       Tue & Thur 5 - 6:30                            Tue & Thur 6:30 - 8                              Tue & Thur 8 - 9:30