The Athletic Hitter is a program that has been developed over years of working with the best players and coaches in the game of baseball. Working with coaches and trainers like Jerry Weinstein, Steve Englishbee, Dave Hudgeons, Steve Springer, Aaron Thigpen, and Paul Nymen. This has allowed us to develop what we believe is the best POWER hitting program available today.

Goals of the Class:

  • Increase functional strength & speed = explosive power

  • Sport specific power training for full neural recruitment

  • Increase and/or maximize fast twitch muscle use

  • Be in better shape heading into your baseball season

  • Develop proper Hitting Mechanic: Hand path & torque

  • Improve overall quickness in & out of the Batters Box

Evan Longoria's perfect swing sequence

Athletic Hitter

Methods of Achievement:

  • Class begins with Dynamic Stretching

  • Dynamic and Intensive Tubing Exercises

  • Explosive Medicine Ball Throws and Movements

  • Overload/Underload Swing Series

  • Swing Mechanics Training with video analysis

  • Feedback: Swing-speed measurements (every 1+ mph = 10 feet of distance)

  • Developing Mental Approach to hitting

  • Cool Down

The Athletic Hitter is for any player looking to increase their power numbers and batting average. An Athletic Hitter has a strong core and has worked hard and smart to become more explosive at the plate by recruiting fast twitch muscle fiber for increased bat speed. Athletic Hitters have good, efficient swing mechanics. The Athletic Hitter will see the ball longer and react quicker which ultimately translates into a higher batting average..

Class Times, Payments and Details

  • Athletic Hitter Class will meet 2 to 3 time's/week for an hour each

  • Schedule is TBA - Call Greg to schedule (209) 482-5702

  • Session Cost -  Membership #3 ($110)