Methods of Achievement 

  • Dynamic stretching and conditioning, - Evaluate, assess and provide a plan for each participants skill set       
  • Perform quality drills with proper mechanics built in to promote muscle memory       
  • Provide video analysis       
  • Pop time test.
  • .... and more

Thank you to the local little leagues for providing 27 catchers to attend our free catchers clinic on March 12th. Thank you to our local varsity catchers for providing the instruction.
Jacob Vaughan, Jacob Souza, Jojo Souza

Goals of the Class:      

Create team leaders by building confidence in the ability of a catcher to ‘handle’ the game.

We will build upon their current skills in the following areas:     

  • Approach / Leadership               
  • Squat / Stance               
  • Signs               
  • Receiving / Framing               
  • Blocking               
  • Throwing
  • Fielding

Instructor Jacob Vaughan working with some of the best 12u catchers around.

Baseball Catching Mechanics

Baseball Catching Mechanics

Manteca Baseball Club mechanics classes were developed to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of the game. Video analysis is used in all MBC mechanics classes to eliminate guesswork. A player that is fundamentally sound and disciplined in all techniques will develop confidence and begin to reach their potential.