FAQ ..... regarding the membership program 

Which classes can I attend?

As of Jan, 2014 the classes available for members are Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Speed/Agility & Complete Player Class. The complete player class is typically reserved for little leaguers. The hour long class is a continuous review on the fundamentals of the game and each position. For more information and a more detailed description, click on the classes and programs tab.

What is the class schedule?

Check the online calendar for the class schedule. Look for "Members" and the class name that follows. For example: Members-Hitting  OR  Members-Speed/Agility. Although the schedule can/may change from week to week (due to instructor availability-life happens!) it is fairly consistent in that it meets every week on the same day and at the same time. Please check the calendar weekly and/or on the day of your class, and especially on school holidays. 

How do I take advantage of the open tunnel for my hitting membership?

When you sign up for a membership, you can come down and practice hitting on your own as long as you have adult supervision. Please do not drop off minors and leave them unattended. MBSA and/or MBC is not a daycare provider. Check the online calendar for "Open Tunnel" days & times. Not all "Open Tunnel" times are listed due to class schedule and conflicts. So, please come down and jump in a tunnel and hit. Don't be surprised though, at the top of the hour, if an instructor asks you to exit. Please share the tunnel and don't be afraid to jump in a tunnel with the older, high school boys. They can be very helpful. If they are rude in any way, please call/text Greg (209) 482-5702.  Weekends are available too, so please call/text Greg to make an appointment. 

Do I have to wait until the beginning of the month to join?

NO. You may join at any time. The membership starts and ends (approximately) on the calendar day you join. I am not going to micro manage your membership. If a 5th week falls within the calendar week, then take the extra class. Use your best judgment ,as the individual instructors don't always know when you start/end. Thanks. 

How much does the MBC Player membership cost?Manteca Baseball Club team members pay a discounted rate.

  • The 1 class/week membership is $50/month.
  • The 2 class/week membership is $85/month.
  • The 3+ class/week membership is $110/month (unlimited # of classes)

To register for the membership program, please fill out the contact form HERE. 
Or call/text Greg at (209) 482-5702

Monthly Membership Program

Membership #1 - $60/month

 Unlimited use of hitting tunnels

Membership #2 - $85/month

 Participate in 1 class per week. Includes Membership #1

Membership #3 - $110/month

 Participate in 2 classes per week. Includes Membership #1

Membership #4 - $160/month

 Unlimited # of classes per week. Includes Membership #1

Choose from the following classes: 

 Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Catching Complete Player Class (for little leaguers) & Speed/Agility